Solved – YouTube TV Error Code 3 {Updated 2023}

If you use YouTube TV, then you might have encountered the YouTube TV error code 3. YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming platform where you can watch live TV and enjoy national TV along with local TV channels of sports, news, shows, movies, and more. But, YouTube TV also has some drawbacks. Sometimes, you may face errors in it too. One such error is YouTube TV error 3.

If you want to remove the error code 3 on YouTube TV, you can apply the following methods –

  • Check The Internet Connection
  • Update YouTube TV App
  • Disable Adblock
  • Restart Device
  • Clean Data and Browsing History
  • Close All Background Apps
  • Use A Compatible Device
  • Reset YouTube TV
  • Contact Support Team

And now, if you want to know the steps to apply these methods, read the full article.

Why Does My YouTube TV Keep Saying Error 3?

youtube tv error code 3

Before I tell you how to solve this error, you have to have some knowledge about the reasons that are triggering this error. Because without this knowledge, you will not be able to find out which method will work for you.

There can be one or more reasons behind this annoying error. Those are –

  • An older version of the YouTube TV app.
  • An unstable internet connection.
  • Too many cache files and cookies in the browser.
  • Disabled AdBlock.
  • Too many apps are running in the background.
  • The device is not compatible.

Whenever your YouTube TV is not opening or has got frozen, you will get this error. Now let me tell you the steps to perform the methods I have told you before.

How To Fix YouTube TV Error Code 3?

youtube tv error code 3

Check The Internet Connection

If the internet connection you are using is faulty or is giving slow speed, then you may encounter this error. YouTube TV requires a good and fast internet connection to run smoothly. Secondly, if you are using a WiFi router, check if there are any objects that are blocking the signal coming from the router. Replace the objects if found.

Update YouTube TV App

  • Open Google Play Store / App Store.
  • Search for YouTube TV.
  • If you see a green button saying Update, click on it.

Disable Adblock

  • Open your browser.
  • Click the 3 dots at the right corner of the top screen.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Privacy & Security.
  • Click Site Settings.
  • Click Intrusive Ads.
  • Toggle on the option for blocking intrusive ads.

Restart Device

Restarting your device can remove several technical glitches on the device and this can be helpful to remove this error.

Clean Data and Browsing History

Cleaning data and browsing history can be helpful to remove this error.

  • Open browser.
  • Click the 3 dots at the top-right.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Privacy and Security.
  • Click clear browsing data.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Select all.
  • Set the time for All time.
  • Click clear data.

Close All Background Apps

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  • Click Task Manager.
  • Select the apps running in the background.
  • Click End Task.

Use A Compatible Device

Check if your device is compatible with the YouTube TV app or not. If not, try to use a supported device.

Reset YouTube TV

  • Unplug the TV’s power cable.
  • Press+hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.
  • Release the button.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Open the YouTube TV app on the TV.
  • Sign in to your YouTube account.

Contact Support Team

If everything fails, you have to contact the YouTube TV support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to solve YouTube TV error code 3?

Ans: Apply these methods –

  • Check The Internet Connection
  • Update YouTube TV App
  • Disable Adblock
  • Restart Device
  • Clean Data and Browsing History
  • Close All Background Apps
  • Use A Compatible Device
  • Reset YouTube TV
  • Contact Support Team

Q2. Why am I getting YouTube error 3 every time?

Ans: There can be several reasons – your internet connection can be faulty, your device can be incompatible, the version of the app can be an outdated one, there can be too many cache files and cookies, there can be technical glitches in the device, and many more.

The Final Words

Now you all know how you should deal with error code 3 on the YouTube TV app. Just remember that this is a very small error and you have nothing to be worried about. All the best!

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