Troubleshooting Darktide Error Code 2006!

Darktide error code 2006 has a total of 10 fixes. Those are –

  • Restart your device as well as your network,
  • Check server status,
  • Use an ethernet cable,
  • Change DNS,
  • Run Steam as an Administrator,
  • TweakWorker Threads,
  • Repair or reinstall Easy anti-cheat,
  • Verify game file integrity,
  • Use VPN, and
  • Delete the Darktide file from your AppData.

Check below to know how to apply these methods in order to fix the Darktide error code 2006.

So, let’s start.

What Is Error Code 2006 In Darktide?

Error code 2006 in Darktide appears when you try to join a mission. A few gamers get an option to rejoin the mission, while others see an endless loading screen that can only be canceled if they close the game. Now let me tell you how you can fix this frustrating error in the game Darktide.

How To Fix Darktide Error Code 2006?

Here you will learn about the steps of those 10 methods to fix this error 2006.

1. Restart Your Device As Well As Your Network

Before going for any other methods, first of all, restart your device and network as it can resolve several technical glitches and can help you in solving this error.

2. Check Server Status

Secondly, check the status of the server of the game. If the server is down, then you have nothing to do but wait until the developers of the game restore the servers for you.

3. Use An Ethernet Cable

For online games, using a wired connection is always the best idea. So if you are having trouble with error 2006 while playing Darktide, try to use an ethernet cable to connect your PC to the internet to solve this issue.

4. Change DNS

  • Right-click on the Network sign.
  • Click Network and Internet Settings.
  • Select Ethernet/Wireless.
  • Choose Private Network.
  • Scroll down for DNS Server Assignment.
  • Click Edit and enable IPv4.
  • Type in the box for Preferred DNS.
  • Type in the box for Alternative DNS.
  • Apply and save.

5. Run Steam As An Administrator

If something running in the background is preventing the game, then try to run Steam as an administrator.

6. Tweakworker Threads

Worker threads are nothing but the number of threads your CPU is using to run your game. To tweak worker threads – 

  • Open Settings.
  • Open Worker thread.
  • Decrease it to 3 or 2.

7. Repair Or Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat

  • Find the DBD folder.
  • Go to the Easy AntiCheat folder.
  • Right-click Easy AntiCheat_Setup.exe and choose Run as Administrator.
  • Follow all steps to repair/reinstall.
  • Restart PC.

8. Verify Game File Integrity

  • Launch Steam Client.
  • Enter Library.
  • Right-click the game.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Come to Local Files.
  • Click VerifyIntegrity of Game Files.

9. Use VPN

If you think that your IP or your location is creating this problem, use a VPN service.

10. Delete The Darktide File From Your AppData

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type %AppData%.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Double-click the folder called Fatshark.
  • Locate the folder called Darktide.
  • Delete the Darktide folder.

So, these were all 10 methods by using which you can solve the error 2006 in the Darktide.

The Final Words

Error 2006 can be a result of many things, but mainly it happens when you try to join any mission in the game. And if you counter this error, try these methods I have given you and check which one works for you. All the best! Happy gaming!

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