Your Savior Guide To Netflix Error Code UI3012

When you visit the Netflix website or app or attempt to stream content, the Netflix error code UI3012 may show. It normally displays on a Mac or PC’s webpage, but it might also be available on a streaming device, like Apple TV, or a mobile app.

Anyone who encounters an error message detests it. But even with Netflix, it definitely happens occasionally. This message is displayed on the screen along with the error number:

  • Oh dear, something went Wrong
  • Unanticipated Error
  • An unexpected error occurred. Please try again after refreshing the page.

Various error codes, including the UI3012, are displayed by Netflix when something goes wrong. This good read will explain why this occurs and offer a few solutions to the problem.

What Is Netflix Error Code UI3012

Actually, nobody truly understands what this code signifies. You must attempt to correct the error even though it doesn’t explain why one occurred. Of course, there are occasions when refreshing the page is sufficient, and things will continue to run well.

The error notice can still appear in other situations. You can do a few things to try to fix the problem so you can keep enjoying your favorite Netflix episodes or movies. Here are some potential remedies as the network is typically the cause of the issue.

Why Does Netflix Error Code UI3012 Occur?

Netflix Error Code Ui3012

If you ever get the error code UI3012, it signifies that Netflix’s network connection has failed. Poor signal quality, interference, wrong settings, or even a faulty cable could all be contributing factors to this issue.

Because of the conflicting browser extensions, the sluggish Wi-Fi connection, and the ISP’s limitations, Netflix error code UI 3012 occurs.

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When the error is raised, the following message is displayed to the affected users: Something went wrong, oops… Unanticipated Error Please try again after refreshing the page. Reloading the page may be all that some people need to do to remove this page.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012

You might want to try a few fixes because code UI3012 can have a number of origins before your Netflix connection is restored. Before continuing with the remedies, make sure your internet connection is up and running smoothly.

Method 1

Launch the Streaming Device again

You can try restarting the streaming software, regardless of whether you’re using a mobile device, a Roku, a smart TV, a game console, or another device.

This easy approach can frequently be used to fix momentary issues. Follow these steps to restart the device:


  • Remove the plug from the power source or shut off the gadget.
  • Turn it off for a moment.
  • Restart it by turning it on or reconnecting the power cord.

Method 2

Resign from Netflix

Sometimes the solution is to log out of your Netflix account. Once you’ve done that, try to play the desired video. The quickest method is to use a web browser on your computer or a smartphone app to sign out of all of your devices. Take these actions:


  • Navigate to the upper right corner where your name appears in the Netflix app or website. Click the drop-down menu, then choose Your Account.
  • Scroll to the option labeled “Sign out of all devices,” then select it.
  • To confirm, press the blue Sign Out button.
  • After doing this, sign in on the device you want to use for streaming.

Method 3

Netflix Error Code Ui3012

Verify Your WIFI

Verify that your Wi-Fi is functioning properly. Check to see if another device is online and whether the streaming device is the only one experiencing problems.

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If there was a brief break in service, the device ought to reconnect to the network on its own. Verify that you connect it manually if it isn’t happening.

Disconnect the device if it is connected but unable to access the Internet, and then reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

A poor Wi-Fi signal may also be problematic. The router and the streaming device shouldn’t be too far apart. Pay attention to the speed of your internet as well.

Make sure it complies with Netflix’s streaming specifications. Videos will definitely not play if the speed of your bandwidth is too slow.

Method 4

Start the router again

A quick reboot can frequently do wonders. Restart your router, and the error might no longer be visible once the connection has been restored.

Make careful to switch off the streaming device before restarting the router (and your modem, if you have two devices).

Additionally, removing the router from a power source is preferable to press the device’s button for resetting it.

Method 5

Directly Connect to the Device

If you directly connect your streaming device and modem, your internet connection can become more steady. An Ethernet cable can be used for this.


  • On the streaming device, turn it on.
  • Take the Ethernet wire and connect it to both your modem and PC.
  • Reconnect the modem to a power source after unplugging it for 30 seconds.
  • Try playing a Netflix video after turning on the streaming device.

Method 6

Netflix Error Code Ui3012

Reset the router’s configuration

Restarting your router is not the same as resetting it. Your network setup will be reset as a result of this. Make sure you are familiar with your username and password before clicking to confirm the reset because you will need to log in again.

Depending on the operating system, the processes may vary, but generally speaking, you should accomplish the following:


  • In the lower-left corner, click Start.
  • Locate Settings by scrolling, then click to open.
  • Reset the network in the search box.
  • Choose Reset immediately from the new window.
  • Rebooting your computer is required. You can check to see if the error number is still visible by logging back into your network and Netflix account.

Method 7

Turn off the VPN

The connectivity between your wi – fi connection and Netflix may be broken by VPNs and proxies. It may be time to disconnect the VPN and try connecting to Netflix via your home network if none of the previously mentioned fixes were successful.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. How do I fix a Netflix error code ui3012?

  • Update the page.
  • Deactivate your VPN.
  • See if Netflix is still available.
  • Change your browser.
  • Change your network connection.
  • Directly connect to your router or modem.
  • You or your router should move.
  • Switch off your network.

2. What causes Netflix error code ui3012?

If you see error code UI3012, it signifies that Netflix’s network connection has failed. Poor signal quality, interference, wrong settings, or even a faulty cable could all be contributing factors to this issue.

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