Best Ways To Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription- 2024

Important Points

Via Phone: Dial 1-(888)-462-7342 to reach the hotline and ask to have the subscription cancelled.

Regal App: Install the Regal Cinemas app, then sign in, go to My Account, select My Subscription, cancel Subscription, and finally cancel.

Via email: Contact to request to discontinue your subscription.

Is your wallet being destroyed by the Regal Unlimited subscription? If so, you can stop paying for Regal Unlimited and use the extra money for something else. I discovered that the website of the platform does not provide any cancellation processes when I was terminating my Regal Unlimited subscription. In the end, I cancelled the membership via the Regal Cinemas app.

This is your guidance if you wish to cancel your Regal Unlimited plan. This post will explain every option available to you for terminating your Regal Unlimited subscription.

Ways To Cancel Regal Unlimited

You can cancel your Regal Unlimited subscription in three ways. Check the table below to know more.

Phone Call1-(888)-462-7342 Immediately
Using the AppPlay Store or App StoreImmediately
Support two business days

Contact Support To Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription

It is preferable to give them a call if you want to easily and promptly cancel your Regal Unlimited Subscription. You can seek to terminate your subscription by calling the support hotline directly at 1-(888)-462-7342 from the registered cellphone number. You will speak with the Regal Customer Executive during the call. To terminate the membership, include your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, and any other pertinent details.

The sole disadvantage of this approach is that phone support is only offered from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Monday through Friday. You must use the app to cancel your subscription on the weekends.

Cancel Regal Unlimited Using App

[1]. Install the Regal Cinemas application on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or App Store.

[2]. Sign In to your subscribed Regal account.

[3]. Go to My Account and select My Subscription.

[4]. Tap Cancel My Subscription.

[5]. Click Cancel again to confirm.

Your subscription will be canceled immediately. Make sure to have a stable internet connection for a smooth cancellation.

Canceling Regal Unlimited Using Email

You can contact email support if there are still too many days left on your Unlimited subscription. Depending on how much you use email, you may receive delayed responses. Therefore, we do not advise using this approach for last-minute cancellations.

[1] Launch the email app that comes pre-installed on your device and link it to your Regal account.

[2] Click Compose in the sidebar on the left.

[3]. Enter the official email address of Regal Customer Support,, in the recipient’s field.

[4] Put “Request to Cancel my Regal Unlimited Subscription” in the subject line.

[5] Please enter the reason for cancelling your membership pass, together with your user ID, phone number, and any other account-related information that is required.

[6]. Click “Send.”

After your membership is cancelled, the support staff will get in touch with you by sending a confirmation email to your account.

How Much Will Regal Unlimited Subscription Cost You Per Month?

The cost of the Regal Unlimited subscription varies depending on the area and tier and gives unlimited access to Regal theatres’ film selection:

Base Tier: $18–$21 per month for access to more than 200 theatres.

Plus Tier: Costs between $21 and $24 a month and gives access to more than 400 theatres.

All Access Tier: Costs between $23 and $26 a month and includes all Regal theatres throughout the country.

The individual theatres you frequent and your geographic region can affect the price. Surcharges for premium formats (IMAX, 3D, etc.) and potential convenience fees for internet reservations could result in additional expenses. Certain plans may have a yearly commitment with monthly billing. For movie buffs looking for flexibility and limitless movie experiences, it’s a fantastic choice. To stay up to date on price and details, visit the official Regal website or get in touch with your nearby Regal theatre directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Cancel Regal Tickets?

You can cancel your Regal Tickets using the Regal Cinemas application or contact customer support. Moreover, you will be eligible to get a refund if you cancel the tickets an hour before the showtime.

2. How do I remove a payment method from the Regal app?

First, launch the Regal app and Log In → Tap the Avatar icon (bottom left) → Manage Payment Methods → Payment Method → Tap the desired payment and remove it from the Regal app.

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