Failed To Open Descriptor File Ark: Know All About It!

Are you repeatedly getting the Failed To Open Descriptor File Ark in games you love and that is totally degrading your fun game time now?

It mostly occurs while playing the game but some also got to experience this error right after installing. Fixing it can be the most unpleasant and annoying job, but also wouldn’t take much of your time!

Since there is no escape from this situation, read up on this whole guide to resolve that failed-to-open descriptor file ark error! Let’s get right into it.

Causes Of Experiencing The Error

failed to open descriptor file ark?
Causes Of Experiencing The Error

No matter how unreasonable and painstaking this error sounds, there are reasons for its arrival. Here are some of the common causes identified :

  • The file `shootergame.uproject`is one of the most essential ingredients for games like ark and valorant to work fine and its absence can have the device to undergo opening errors.
  • Sometimes, it’s the game file that’s corrupted and causes all the glitches and errors. If your computer shutdowns while saving a file, the file may become corrupted. Bad sectors on your hard drive, viruses or malware can also corrupt files.
  • Furthermore, not using a device that matches the system requirements of the game can cause errors very easily. Unless you have Windows 10 with an intel core i5 processor and storage space of 60 GB on the hard drive, you are bound to get into this blunder!

Now that you know why this error must have been caused in your case, let’s quickly hop over to the next bit to learn how you might fix this!

Fixes For Ark Survival Evolved Failed To Open Descriptor File

There are many methods which you can opt to resolve this issue and continue enjoying the ark survival! Here are some effective ones:


If the files of the ARK Survival Evolved game are corrupt, ARK may disable your computer from the application.

In this case, it is important to check the integrity of the game files and verify it as this may resolve all the issues. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Reboot your computer and afterward, open the Steam app on your PC.
  • Head on to the library section and select the Ark survival evolved from the games list.
  • As you see its menu, go to properties and select the ‘local files’ folder.
  • Under that, all you need to do is to find the “Check game files integrity” button and run it.

Give it time to verify and at the end restart the game to check the final results.


As stated earlier, the shooter game file is a vital organ and for the game to function smoothly, this shooter game file must be in the folder with the game. Here’s how to move it if you haven’t yet:

  • Exit the steam client and close all the means that can run the ark game.
  • Now, open the File Explorer and follow the path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ download \ 346110 \ ShooterGame.
  • Further, copy this shooter game. the project file and paste it to the path of C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ ARK \ ShooterGame.
  • As soon as you move the shooter game file from downloads to the game folder, the issue will start to resolve!

Now, run the game with no issues involved.


This error may also occur if the game is only in Steam and not installed on the system drive. Here, all that’s needed is to move the installation folder to the system disk.

  • Open the steam library
  • After selecting ark as the game, select properties and go to the local files tab.
  • Select the setting of the Move installation folder and choose the place where you want the game to be in the system drive.
  • Start the game once again.

And that’s a wrap on resolving the failed-to-open description file on the ark! But what about other games like pubg and Fortnite? Don’t lose hope yet as we got you covered! Let’s explore for more.

Resolving Pubg Lite Failed To Open Descriptor File

failed to open descriptor file ark?
Resolving Pubg Lite Failed To Open Descriptor File

Pubg is one the most widely popular games but still not safe from this error. If you have failed to open the descriptor file pub game-wise, then here are some ways to fix this right away.

  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
  • Use the built-in command  (System File Checker) to scan your entire system for corrupted, old, and damaged system files.
  • Simply delete the game and try to reinstall it again as something might be wrong with the game like improper download.

Resolving Fortnite Failed to Open Descriptor File Error.

Not many options are left at the end of the Fortnite game due to its limited settings. However, what you can try to attempt before reaching out to the customer care would be to:

  1. Moving your game to C:/ drive.
  1. Trying to verify the configurations of the game through the epic game library of your system.

Resolving Valorant Error Failed To Open Descriptor File.

The valiant game has a whole other perspective on this issue. Fixing the issue, in this case, requires following these steps:

  • Shutdown Valorant running the game of valiant.
  • Uninstall the Vanguard and Valiant
  • Now, open CMD and hit the statement of  ‘sc delete vice.
  • Reboot the system and install the game again

Resolving Error Gears 5 Failed To Open Descriptor File

Tried giving a hand on gears 5 but facing the error of Failing to open the descriptor file repeatedly. Here’s what you can do:

  • Open Region options.
  • Change region to the United States.
  •  Run the Gears5 from the Xbox application.
  • After this update, the Gears5 will already work fine.

Henceforth, now it’s safe to say that you will resolve the issue no matter what game you play!

Final Words

To conclude, failing to open a descriptor file error is a common mishap that happens in a lot of games.

Although it’s a little annoying to cancel your game plans to fix this error, it just requires a little change in settings.

Some common causes of it happening can be game files being corrupted or not having the shooter game. project file.

But by following some simple steps stated above, you are good to go! Hence, happy gaming!

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