Easiest Ways To Fix Error Code: e4302

There can be several reasons behind the ID.me error code: e4302. It could be your federal ID that has expired or your state ID that has been outdated. Or if you have not uploaded both front and back side images of your documents, the document verification method could reject your application, and you could encounter this error.

If you have selected the wrong category at the time of uploading your documents, then also this error code: e4302 can occur.

So, let’s start!

What Causes Error Code: E4302

As I said, there is more than one reason behind this error on ID.me. If your state ID is an outdated one, then you can face this error. If your federal ID is expired, then also you can face this error.

If you have not uploaded both front and back side images of your documents, then you can face this error. Or if you have uploaded your documents under the wrong category, then also you can face this error.

There are a few other reasons too that can initiate this error. Those are –

  • The selfie that you have uploaded on ID.me is not proper.
  • Your uploaded documents are unreadable.
  • Typing mistakes while filling up the form.
  • Frozen or locked credit report.
  • Incorrect phone number of yours.
  • Incorrect address of yours.
  • The identity is already verified.
  • Wrongly answered security question.

Steps To Fix Error Code: E4302

Now let me discuss the method by which you can fix the error code e4302 on ID.me.

  • Well, there is only one method to fix this problem. And that is, keep trying and trying again until it is resolved. And while trying for another attempt, be sure that this time you have uploaded all the documents correctly. Be extra careful about typing mistakes while typing your name, phone number, and address.

Error e4302

  • Upload both front and back side images of your documents. Click a proper selfie. Before uploading documents, check whether those documents are readable or not.
  • Be extra careful when you are submitting your details. Make sure the information you are submitting is exactly the same as those on your documents.
  • And if there are changes to that information, please do not forget to update your identification documents of yours to prove your identity. Only then this error can be resolved.
  • But still, if you find any difficulties in resolving error e4302 on ID.me, please contact customer support of ID.me to ask for help.
Pro Tip To Fix ID.Me Error Code E4302

Make sure that all four corners of the documents that you are uploading are visible, and that all the images of those documents are clear and not hazy. Make sure your documents are clearly readable. And while taking a selfie, try to choose a clear, white background so that the image of your face can become more prominent.

ID.Me Error Code E4302

If you encounter the ID.me error code e4302 on your ID.me account, then check all the details and documents you have submitted. There must be any wrong information, typing errors, or wrongly uploaded document which is making this trouble for you. Resolve that issue to get rid of ID.me error code e4302.

ID.me account is such a place where you get IAL 2 or Identity Assurance Level 2 credentials along with AAL 2 or Authentication Assurance Level 2 credentials. Using these credentials, you can access the portals of CERTS.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why Is Verify ID.Me Not Working?

If your uploaded documents are wrong, if you have uploaded them in the wrong category, if they are unreadable, if there are any typing mistake while filling up the form, if the information you gave differ from the information of your documents, or if the selfie of yours is not clear, then this problem may occur. Go through the information you provided once again and check where is the problem, and then resolve it.

2. What is ID.me error code 4301?

If you have an account on ID.me and you have recently changed your phone number, address, or name, then you can get this error code e4301 on ID.me. This error code basically shows up when you try to verify your identity online. That time it comes with the message “we could not verify your identity”.

3. How to fix the ID.me error code e4302?

Go through the documents you have uploaded once more and check if there is any mistake or not. Check whether you have put all the spellings correctly or not. Check whether the information you provided matches the information on your document or not.

Check whether the images of your documents are readable or not. Check whether you have uploaded both front and back side images of your documents or not. Check whether your selfie of yours is clear or not. If there is any problem regarding these, correct it and try again. If you failed again, then you can contact ID.me customer support to ask for help.

The Final Words

ID.me provides you with your ID.me account where you can get Identity Assurance Level 2 and Authentication Assurance Level 2 credentials using which you can access the portal of CERTS.

This is why this ID.me portal is very much important. But users often face the error e4302 on this portal and keep searching for the solution on the internet. This is why I wrote this article where I have thoroughly discussed the method of getting rid of this annoying problem. I hope this article will resolve this issue for you. All the best!

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