Sharex Authentication Error – How to Fix This Error?

Do you frequently encounter a ShareX authentication error on your device? I know this error is quite frustrating as it won’t let you use the program. However, this error is not so complicated at all. You can fix the ShareX authentication error with some easy methods. Here they are

  • You can use a valid email ID
  • Check your internet connection speed
  • Install the latest version of ShareX
  • Clear the browser cache regularly
  • Restart the router
  • Log out and log in to the target service again
  • Reinstall ShareX
  • Disable Windows Firewall and antivirus software

Please note that once this error is resolved, you need to take the necessary steps so that it won’t happen in the future. Below, I will share the fixes for the ShareX authentication error in detail, including the preventive measures that will stop it to happen in the future.
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What Causes The ShareX Authentication Error?

While users are trying to register themselves on a ShareX application, there are chances that they might face ShareX authentication failure. When this error occurs, the program won’t let users log in before it verifies users’ credentials. Now, this issue is caused by a technical error from the authentication service of ShareX.

So, an authentication error notification shows up on the screen while users are trying to log in. The following points are the actual causes of the ShareX authentication failure. 

1. Internet Connection Error

If your internet connection is poor, it can disrupt the authentication process.

2. ShareX Technical Error

If there are any wrong permission set for installing the application, you can face the authentication error message. If the ShareX program is outdated, it lacks particular features that are needed for authentication. It also does have administrative privileges. 

3. Improper Login Details Or Account Data

If ShareX users have entered a wrong username or password, the authentication will be failed. Therefore, you can encounter an authentication error notification. 

How To Fix The ShareX Authentication Error Issue?

Here are the best ways to fix the ShareX authentication error issue.

1. You Can Use A Valid Email ID

So, before you try any fixes, you need to make sure that you have a valid email ID and that it is linked to your ShareX account. If you do not have a valid email ID, you can do the following

  • First, go to the ShareX Website.
  • Now, you should opt for the “My Account” tab.
  • Choose the option “Edit Profile”. 
  • Here, you have to write your new valid email ID and save the changes. 

In case you have a valid email ID and it is linked with ShareX, you may opt for another fixing method. 

2. Check Your Internet Connection Speed

A poor internet connection can disrupt the authentication process. So, you need to make sure that you have a strong internet connection while you are trying to log in to your ShareX account. 

3. Install The Latest Version Of ShareX

If you have been using ShareX without updating it for a long time, the authentication error message will show up on the screen. You should go to the official website of ShareX and download the latest version of ShareX. Installing the latest version of ShareX will fix all bugs in it. The authentication error issue can be fixed by this method as well. 

4. Clear The Browser Cache Regularly

Users might neglect this method a lot but it can solve too many issues. If you clear the cache of your internet browser regularly, it can fix the authentication error message of ShareX. 

  • Go to an internet browser.
  • Choose the 3-dot icon and choose the More option.
  • Choose More Tools.
  • Then go to the option Clear browsing data.
  • Now, if you want to remove everything, choose the All-Time option.
  • Go to the options “Cache images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”. 
  • Tick those boxes.
  • Choose the Clear Data option.

5. Restart The Router

To restart your router, you need to turn it off for some time. Then again turn it on. This can resolve the ShareX authentication failure issue. This can fix your internet issues as well. 

6. Log Out And Log In To The Target Service Again

If you have entered outdated or incorrect credentials for the target service, you can face an authentication failure message. So, log out and log in to the target service again with right credentials. You can see the relevant settings under the tab Destination Settings.

7. Reinstall ShareX

If you are using the latest version of ShareX and yet facing the authentication error, you need to remove it from your device and install it again. This can fix the authentication error issue. 

8. Disable Windows Firewall And Antivirus Software

Sometimes, windows firewall and antivirus software disrupt the authentication process of ShareX. So, you need to turn them off if you face a ShareX authentication failure

How To Prevent A ShareX Authentication Error In The Future

ShareX Authentication Error

You can’t let this error show up again and again, right? To prevent it in the future, you can take easy steps.

1. Update Security Software

Always update the security software with the newest version of definitions and patches. This will stop malicious activities on your system.

2. Use The Newest Browser Extensions

Update the browser extensions frequently. It will enhance the performance of any program and software.

3. Access Control

To prevent unauthorized access, always allow restricted access control settings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix failure Authentication?

Ans. Here is how you can fix failure authentication

  • You can use a valid email ID
  • Check your internet connection speed
  • Install the latest version of ShareX
  • Clear the browser cache regularly
  • Restart the router
  • Log out and log in to the target service again
  • Reinstall ShareX

Q2. Why does it keep saying Authentication failed?

Ans. There are multiple causes for a failed authentication on ShareX. Here are the reasons

  • Internet connection error issues
  • Improper login details or account data
  • ShareX technical issues

Q3. How do I fix Authentication failed in an app?

  • Clear the app cache.
  • Reinstall the application.
  • Check whether you have written the wrong credentials or not.
  • Strengthen your internet connection. 
  • See if your email ID is valid or not.
  • Update the application to its latest version.

Final Thoughts

ShareX is a popular program that is used by thousands of Windows users. But, ShareX is not free of glitches just like any other apps and software. The ways I have shared above definitely assist you to resolve the ShareX authentication error. Try them. All the best. 

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