Tech Trends Shaping E-commerce In 2024 

The e-commerce industry has gone through meteoric growth in the last few years. Many people now buy practically all their goods online, including clothing, furniture, and even groceries. The e-commerce industry is also constantly changing and evolving, which is largely due to various tech trends and developments. 

There are a handful of tech trends that are shaping the e-commerce industry right now, so this post will take a look at these trends and the impact that they’re having both on buyers and sellers online. Interested? Keep reading to discover the biggest tech trends in the e-commerce industry right now. 


Like many industries, AI is transforming the e-commerce industry right now. AI can be used in several ways in this industry, including the use of chatbots to provide instant and 24/7 customer service, personalizing the shopping experience, and optimizing pricing strategies. AI can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers online, and this tech will only play a more prevalent role as it improves in the years to come. 

Mobile Commerce

These days, over 60% of web traffic comes from a mobile device. This means that many people are now shopping online via their phone, so e-commerce stores must make sure that they optimize their stores for mobile. This means having content that loads properly on mobiles, mobile-friendly site navigation, and fast loading times. Many e-commerce stores will also have their own mobile apps developed, which can be a great way to stick in the minds of a consumer as you’ll always be visible when they’re using their smartphones and just a tap away. 

Augmented Reality

You’ll also notice that augmented reality is becoming common when shopping online. This type of tech allows consumers to visualize products in a real life environment, with a digital overlay of the product on their smartphones. For example, you could see what a sofa would look like in your living room with augmented reality or what a hat would look like on your head. This can greatly enhance the shopping experience for consumers and take some of the risk out of buying products online. 

Comparison Platforms 

Another way people are using tech in e-commerce in 2024 is by using comparison platforms for shipping. Shipping can be a major cost, especially for large items like furniture. Comparison platforms like make it easy to find affordable shipping companies, which can help to keep costs down. 

Buyers or sellers can use these platforms to find a reliable shipping company that will safely deliver goods from A to B. You can save as much as 75% off standard rates by using platforms like these, so it’s clear why they’re proving to be so popular right now.

These are currently a few of the biggest tech trends that are shaping the e-commerce industry right now. E-commerce has gone through extraordinary growth in recent times, and tech is playing a major role in this growth. The above trends are all ones to keep an eye on to see how they change the industry in the years to come. 

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