How To Download Cinema On Firestick [Update 2023]

If you want to know how to download cinema on Firestick, then this is the page where you need to be!

There is no need to say that here Cinema means the Cinema HD APK. To download the Cinema HD APK on Firestick, you need to Download and install the ES File Explorer app on your Firestick. Then only you will be able to download and install the Cinema HD APK on your Firestick.

Cinema HD is a wonderful app for streaming movies and TV shows on your Firestick. But many people do not know how to install this app. And that is why I am writing this article where I am going to explain everything you need to know about downloading the Cinema HD app on your Firestick.

But before going deeper with this topic, let me tell you that you might face trouble installing the Cinema HD APK as APKs are banned in some countries and regions. So I would like to suggest you use VPN so that this difficulty does not bother you.

Let’s start!

How To Install Cinema HD On Firestick Via ES File Explorer

Here I am going to tell you the method of installing Cinema HD APK on Firestick via ES File Explorer. Check out the steps below.

N.B. – before you start, you need to copy the link mentioned below –

  • Open the FireStick Home Screen.
  • Click Search.
  • Type ES File Explorer.
  • Choose ES File Explorer by selecting the icon for it.
  • Click Download.
  • Click Open.
  • Click the +New tab.
  • Now paste the link that you copied in the box for Path and type Cinema HD in the box for Name.
  • Click Download Now.
  • Click Open File.
  • Click Install.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Open.

That’s it! You’re done!

But the process does not end here. You need to delete the APK file once you successfully install the app on your Firestick.

How To Use Cinema HD On Firestick

How To Download Cinema On Firestick

People use the Cinema HD APK to watch on-demand shows and movies on Firestick. If you are using this APK for the first time, there are some things that you should know about using this APK.

When you will run the APK, you will see a changelog window welcoming you along with certain details. If you want to remove that window, click on the OK button.

Now you will be taken to the home menu of the Cinema HD APK on your Firestick. The APK has a very simple layout. You will see icons of all the available video content on the whole screen of the app. Not only that, you will see the featured movies on the home screen.

You have to click the hamburger menu located on the left corner of the top screen of the app if you want to switch to the TV shows. Here you will see all the TV shows that are available on the app. Apart from the TV shows and movies, you will find a shortcut in the menu that will take you to the Downloads and Favorites.

If you want to sort the content by genre or category, just click the inverted and small triangle icon that you will find beside the hamburger menu on the left corner of the top screen.

Use the Search option to find a movie or a TV show on the Cinema HD app. You can search by the name of a movie, a TV show, an episode, the name of the director, the name of the actor, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to update Cinema on firestick?

To update the Cinema on your Firestick –

  • Press the home button of the remote for the Firestick.
  • Click Apps.
  • Choose Cinema HD.
  • Click the Menu for the app.
  • Check if there are any updates available.
  • Click Install.
  • Why Cinema HD is not working?

If the Cinema HD app does not work on the Firestick –

  • Check the internet connection you are using.
  • Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Update the app.
  • Clear data and cache files of the Cinema HD app.
  • Try to use a VPN service.
  • The Final Words

So this was all about installing the Cinema HD APK right on your Firestick song with the special guide to use the app. I hope this write-up will help you in understanding what you should do if you want to install the Cinema HD app on your Firestick. So all the best! Happy streaming!

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