How To Solve Error Code: d0100 On Easily

Error code d0100 happens on when you try to sign up on the website and give your numbers as your information. This can happen because the website cannot process your data or verify/register it on its server, and if this happens, the website shows you this error.

  • To solve this error you can do this:
  • Change your location to the current one
  • Answer security questions correctly
  • Unlock your credit report
  • Update your documents
  • Take a proper selfie
  • Take a clear photo of your documents
  • Update your phone number
  • Check if there are any typing mistakes.

Error d0100 does not mean that your verification is unsuccessful, it only means that the documents you have provided do not match the current figures associated with you. If you see this error, be sure that you have all your documents updated and that the photos of them are clear and readable.

Let me brief you on how to solve this error in more detail.

What Are The Causes Of Error Code: D0100

There are several reasons that can occur this error on These reasons are like faults in the information you are providing. If you do not have taken a clear photo of your document, a clear selfie of yours, if your phone number is not updated with your current location, or even if you have made any typing mistake at the time of filling up the form, this error can occur for you.

Here is a list of the reasons that can trigger this error when you try to sign up on Have a look –

  • Incorrect phone number.
  • Wrong location.
  • Wrongly answered security questions.
  • Not updated documents.
  • Improper selfie.
  • Unreadable photos.
  • Locked credit report.
  • Typing mistakes.

Now let us talk about the solutions to this problem.

Ways To Fix Error Code: D0100

As I have told you, there are a total of 8 methods by which you can fix this annoying error on the website Here in this part of the article, I am going to give you all details about those methods so that you can apply them. Read this section very carefully. 

  1. Change Your Location To The Current One

This is the first method that you should try if you face this error at the time of signing up on First of all, you have to check if the location you are giving is correct. Do your documents support this information? If your documents have some other location and you do not live there anymore, then this error can happen. So it is better to update your location.

  1. Answer Security Questions Correctly

This is a very important part, yet people do not take it seriously. But it is true that if you answer the security questions wrongly, then this error will occur when you will try to sign up on the website So try to answer these security questions accurately. 

  1. Unlock Your Credit Report

Is your credit report locked? Then it is quite obvious that you are getting this error on First of all, check why your credit reports are locked, and then take the necessary steps to unlock them.

  1. Update Your Documents

Are your documents outdated, or expired? If so, then these documents will not be able to work for you at the time of signing up on To avoid these kinds of inconveniences, always update your documents on time. If expired documents are the issue, then update your documents and then try again to sign up.

  1. Take A Proper Selfie

Is the selfie you have taken at the time of signing up clearly visible? Or is it hazy? If it is hazy, then you will surely see this error on So check the selfie carefully, and if required, take a new selfie, and this time make it a clear picture of yours.

  1. Take A Clear Photo Of Your Documents

Are the photos of your documents clearly visible, or are they hazy? If those pics are hazy, then will not accept them and you will see this error. So if this is the issue, then take the photos of your documents again, and this time, make sure you click clear pictures so that the documents can be read easily. After you finish clicking clearer pictures, try again.

  1. Update Your Phone Number

Do you use an old phone number? Or have you moved to a new place, but have not updated your phone number? Then you can see this error on To overcome this error occurring for this particular reason, update your phone number as soon as possible.

  1. Check If There Are Any Typing Mistakes

There are many people who do not review the information they provide at the time of filling up the form on at the time of signing up. And that is why the chances of typing mistakes remain very high. And if there are typing mistakes in your information, then will not accept your application and will show you this error. So if this is the reason, go and check for the typing mistakes and correct them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clear Error code C-D010 bizhub?

Turn off the machine. Press the Stop button and then turn the machine on. This will solve the problem.


Many people face the issue with the error code: d0100 at the time of signing up on So they come online to find out a solution to this problem. This triggered me to write an article where they can get a solution and a detailed discussion on this issue. I hope when you will finish reading this article, solving this problem will not be a very hard job for you. All the best!

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