Simple Method To Change Name On Tinder[Updated 2022]

Once you’ve made an account on tinder, it mentions that your name cannot be changed further, directly. But, here we have brought you some methods to get this done.  It is no rocket science, you just need help from other apps like Facebook, or google account. 

Now, suppose that you made a tinder account, and started using it, but suddenly you realize that your name has a spelling mistake in it. Now, that doesn’t seem to be a big deal because all these social networking apps usually have a setting to change the username on the app. 

But, in this case, you’re on tinder and this app doesn’t allow you to change your name directly from the app once your account has been made. 

We have listed How To Change Name On Tinder in case you’ve made a mistake or generally wish to change your name on this dating app. 

Methods To Change Name On Tinder

Changing the name on Tinder is possible, but it depends on how you set up the profile. 

Method 1:

The process is different if you created your profile with a phone number or email address than if you created it with Facebook.

As a result, you should initially keep in mind whether you created the profile using a phone number and email address or a Facebook account. 

As a result, the name of your Facebook profile needs to be changed. Open your Facebook profile and select Settings to do that. After that, check to see if you are on the General tab. Your name can be found on the right here. Enter the correct spelling of your name by clicking the Edit button.

Now you can change your tinder name: Simply altering your Facebook name is all that is required.

That can be done this way:

Step 1: Create a Facebook Account To begin, you’ll need to create a Facebook account.

Open it in a web browser or on your smartphone to accomplish this.

The navigation is the same whether you use the Facebook app on your smartphone or the browser on your computer.

Step 2: Access the Menu Bar After creating your Facebook account, access the menu bar.

Step 3: Select Settings & Privacy From the new window that opened after the second step, select Settings & Privacy.

A new window with submenus will open up when you click on this.

Step 4: Go to Settings. This is where you can change your name on tinder, so go to Settings from the new menu of options.

Step 5: Locate Personal Information The Personal Information option is located right below the Account Settings option. Clicking on settings will take you to a different list of options where you must navigate to it.

When you select the Personal Information option, a window will open in which you can view and modify your email address, and name, and add phone numbers, contacts, and other information. with other account settings that are relevant.

Step 6: Change Your Facebook Name Right Now To change your Facebook name, select the Name option.

You will track down the Name choice at the highest point of the window.

When you click on it, Facebook will take you to another page where you can alter your name.

You must select the Review Changes option after entering the new name.

Step 7: Enter Your Password to Confirm and Save After you have reviewed, Facebook will ask you to enter your password to verify that you are changing your name. Enter your password, and the process is nearly complete.

Method 2:

This method requires you to create a fake new Facebook account and use the same to make a new tinder profile.

You will need to create a brand-new Facebook account using a brand-new email address in order to use this method. Make sure to use the name you want on your tinder profile when creating your new Facebook account.

When the new Facebook account is registered on tinder, the name will automatically appear.

Why Can’t You Change Your Tinder Name?

How To Change Name On Tinder

Tinder clearly states in its help center that changing name and age after the account has been made is not allowed on the app. The reasons for the same have not been apparent in any of the uploads by tinder.

But tinder suggests that since changing names is not possible, you can delete your account and start over again if you wish to change your name. 

Now fleeting an account should not be a big deal for someone who has just started. But, it’s dubious for those who have been using the app for a long time and have a lot of data stored on the app. 

In that case, the above-listed methods can work just fine. You can get rid of the wrong or undesired name in one go. 


1. Can I change my name on my tinder account?

No, you cannot directly change your name on your tinder account as it is not allowed by the company. But you can definitely use the above-mentioned methods to get the job done. 

2. How do I edit my info on tinder?

To edit information on your tinder account, you can simply tap on the profile tab in the right top corner. From there, tap on the pencil icon.

Here you need to look out for Edit Info and then scroll down to find About. Tap on the box and start editing.  All information except name and age can be edited through these steps.

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