The Best Way To Instal Viofo Hk3

Viofo Hk3 Is A Hardware Kit That Permanently Provides Power To Your Dashcam For Parking Recording. The Function Of Acc Detection Switches The Dashcam To Parking Mode Whenever You Stop The Vehicle Engine.

It Will Return To The Normal Recording Mode When You Start The Engine Again.

If You Are Searching The Steps To Install The Viofo Hk3, Then I Think You Have Searched A Lot Through The Web Pages And Online Articles, But Still Cannot Get What You Exactly Want. But Do Not Worry, I Am Here To Solve Your Problem.

If You Want To Install Viofo Hk3, Then You Have To Follow Certain Steps. Those Are –

  1.       Locating Your Fuse Box.
  2.       Identify The Acc And Battery
  3.       Find A Ground Point.
  4.       Connect Add-A-Fuse Kit With The Hardware Kit
  5.       Connect Fuses
  6.       Test Run The Dashcam

Let Me Provide You With Some More Information And Tell You How To Install Viofo Hk3.

How To Install Viofo Hk3 – A Step-By-Step Guide

So If You Are Searching For How To Install Viofo Hk3, Just Read The Steps I Have Given You Below And Perform Them Accordingly. This Will End Your Installation Problem Of Viofo Hk3 Totally.

  • Locating Your Fuse Box

This Is The Very First Step That You Have To Perform In Order To Install Viofo Hk3. You Have To Identify The Fuse Box Correctly.And Remember, These Fuse Boxes, Along With Their Fuse Types, May Vary Between Car Models And Can Vary If The Manufacturing Year Is Not The Same.

So I Would Like To Suggest Checking The Car’s Manual Book To Identify And Locate The Fuse Box As Well As The Fuse Type.

  • Identify The Acc & Battery

 How To Install Viofo HK3

Now You Have To Distinguish Between The Acc Connection And The Battery Connection.

It Is Not So Tough If You Ask. To Identify The Acc Connection, Just Turn The Ignition Knob To The Access Point And Search Which Fuse Goes Live While The Ignition Knob Is At The Acc Point And Goes Off When The Knob Turns Off.

Similarly. Turn The Ignition Knob To The Lock Point And Search For A Fuse That Goes Live While The Knob Is On And Goes Off When The Knob Is Off.

So Now You Have Successfully Distinguished Between Acc And The Battery Connection.

  • Find A Ground Point

To Find Out A Ground Point, Use Your Circuit Tester In The Continuity Mode. First Of All, Find Out A Screw That Is Directly Connected To The Body Of The Vehicle. Now, Check The Continuity Reading Using Your Circuit Tester. If The Reading Is Less Than 0.1 Ohm, Then It Is Your Ground Point.

  • Connect Add-A-Fuse Kit With Hardware Kit

You Have To Use One Add-A-Fuse Kit In Order To Have A Clean Installation. After You Are Sanguin E About Which The Fuse Type And Fuse Slot Is Required, Crimp An Add-A-Fuse Kit To The Acc & Batt Connections Hardware Kit. To Add The Crimp, Use Either A Crimp Tool Or A Needle Nose Plier.

  • Connect Fuses

Now You Have Come To The Last Step Of The Installation Where You Have To Connect The Fuses. So Now You Have An Acc Power Supply (Yellow) Which You Need To Connect To Such A Fuse That Turns On And Off With The Car Engine.

You Have A Battery Power Supply (Red) Which You Need To Connect To Such A Fuse That Is Always Connected To Power. And Finally, You Have A Ground Connection (Black) And In This Case, You Have To Put The Spade Connector Right Under The Top Of The Ground Point Screw.

This Will Ensure A Clear Electrical Contact. Do Not Forget To Tight Up The Screw.

  • Test Dashcam

To Check Whether The Installation Is Working Properly Or Not, Just Plug In The Hardware Kit To The Dashcam, Start Your Vehicle, And Check The Camera.

Advantages To Install Viofo Hk3

How To Install Viofo HK3

There Are A Couple Of Advantages That Will Surely Make You Think About Installing This Viofo Hk3 On Your Car. Here I Am Pointing Out Some Of The Best Advantages. Do Check This Out.

  • Viofo Hk3 Allows You To Use The ‘Parking Mode. This Feature Helps You To Record Footages When The Car Is Not Running.
  • You Will Not Need To Use A USB Port Anymore If You Install Viofo Hk3.
  • Very Reasonable To Your Pocket.
  • It Has A Very Good Voltage Detector.

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Disadvantages To Install Viofo Hk3

Along With The Advantages, Viofo Hk3 Has Some Disadvantages Too. And It Will Be Unfair If I Do Not Tell You About Them.

  • The Voltage Detector Can Cut Off The Power Supply Even Before The Battery Reaches The Minimum Voltage Required.
  • Auto-Delete Option Of The Footages Can Malfunction Once The Card Is Full.

 A Tip From The Pros

If You Are Using Viofo Hk3, Then You Have To Keep The Battery In Well Condition. So Try To Drive At Least Every Other Day. Remember A Bad Battery Can Turn Off The Camera If Someone Hits Your Car. This Is The Condition Where We All Want Our Camera To Work Properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Hardwire A Dash Cam To Install?

You Have To Follow 6 Steps To Install A Dash Cam On Your Car. Those Are –

  1. Locating Your Fuse Box.
  2.  Identify The Acc And Battery
  3. Find A Ground Point.
  4. Connect Add-A-Fuse Kit With The Hardware Kit
  5. Connect Fuses
  6. Test Run The Dash Cam
  • Does Viofo Have Parking Mode?

Viofo Hk3 Has The ‘Parking Mode Recording’ Feature. This Is The Tagline Of This Camera.

  • Is It Worth Hardwiring A Dash Cam?

Of Course Installing Dash Cams Has Benefits. You Can Record Whatever Is Going On With Your Car While Driving, Or Even When You Have Parked Your Car.

  • The Final Words

As Many People Want To How To Install Viofo Hk3 On Their Car, I Have Written All The Required Steps And Explained Them In Brief So That You Can Install The Dash Cam On Your Own After Reading This Article. All The Best!

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