How To Fix An Unidentified Error Occurs In Ps5 [Updated 2022]

You know what makes PS5 users angry? When they buy any game from the online PlayStation Store and instead of the game, they get a message saying an unidentified error occurred in PS5. This can be a really annoying technical problem of PS5.

This is noticed that in the most cases, the online purchase itself became the root cause of this problem. And this why I have come with the solution to this irritating issue so that you can get your favorite games online for your PS5 without any problem.

In this problem, most of the time the reason behind it is the PSN servers go down. So if you encounter this issue, you can check whether the servers are working or not.

But if there is a different issue like faulty payment method, or banned region, then the solution will obviously be different. And I shall discuss about them only here in this write-up.

So, let’s start!

What Causes The Unidentified Error?

Before I give you a solution, it is better to make you understand what the cause of this Unidentified Error in PS5 is.

Sony has received many unwanted reports of malfunctions of PS5 after they released the PS5 on 12th November 2020.

Generally, every time an unidentified error occurred in PS5 when users tried to buy games from the online store.

Most of time this error occurred during the time you tried to make payment for the content you are buying. This leads to a concept that tells that this could be a problem with the PS5 servers. But as the error message appears with no information about the reason, it is very hard to figure out what is the real cause behind this error.

How To Fix Unidentified Error On PS5

If you too encounter an unidentified error that occurred in PS5 and are looking for a solution, read this part carefully because here I am going to give some methods which can actually solve this problem for you.

 An Unidentified Error Occurs In Ps5?

Some PS5 users have said that they have succeeded to overcome this problem when they keep retrying to make the payment. They pressed the X button of the console and continued the process until the payment process is done successfully. This can be a way out, but this can lead to a few major changes on your PS5 account too.

So What Else Can You Do? Take A Look!

1. Check The PSN Status

 If this is an issue with the PS5 servers, you can get the information by checking the PlayStation Network status or the PSN status. Check the steps given below to know how to check the PSN status.

Open your internet browser.

  • Type in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • If it says All services are up and running, then the server is working well. Otherwise, it is down.

2. Verify Payment Method

You should confirm that you stay in the proper region from where you can complete your PS5 payments properly. It must be the place of your PSN account.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to verify your payment method.

  • Go to PlayStation5 Store.
  • Select Payment Methods from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in your credit or debit card details.

3. Restart Console

Restarting the PS5 console can be an easy solution to this problem.

  • Press the DualSense PS button for a while.
  • Choose the power icon and select the option for restarting PlayStation5.
  • Wait until the process ends.
  • Now again try to make the transaction.

4. Contact The Sony Customer Service

This is the last option you can try if all the above-mentioned methods fail to solve this problem. It can happen that you are unable to make the transaction because you are banned from the PS Shop, or the region you live in does not support purchases from the PS5 Store. These cases can be resolved only if you talk to SONY.

Why Has An Unidentified Error Occurred On PS5 

It is impossible to say why an unidentified error occurred in PS5 as the message comes with no detail about why it is happening. What you can get is the hypothesis about it.

 An Unidentified Error Occurs In Ps5?

Some people say it happens because the PlayStation Network servers are down. But you cannot say this is the only reason behind the error. There can be other reasons like faults in your payment methods, or you are banned from making any payment, or the region you live in does not support PS5 Store purchases.

So the actual reason is hard to figure out. But you can always try to fix this problem by trying the methods I told you in this article.

Unidentified Error In PS5 – Is Something Went Wrong In PlayStation Store? 

It is not that anything wrong has happened in the PS5 Store. All that can happen is the PSN servers can go down.

But if not, then the problem might lies in the faults in the payment methods you have selected, or the region you live in does not support PS5 Store purchases. If this is the case, then you have to talk to SONY Customer Services.


1. What does it mean when PS5 says an unidentified error occurred?

Generally, it happens when you try to buy any content from the PS5 Store. It means you cannot make the payment. The PSN servers can be down, the payment methods you have selected might have faults, or the region you live in might not have support to make purchases from PS5 Store.

2. How do you fix an unidentified error that occurred to try again in a few moments?

You can keep pressing the X button of the controller until you can complete the payment. Or you can make edits in the PS5 Store payment methods. Also, you can check if the region you live in supports PS5 Store purchases or not.

3. Why does my game keep saying error PS5?

If the software of the system or the app is not up-to-date, then it can happen to you. To get rid of this problem, please update them to the latest versions. And if the errors keep coming whenever you try to launch a game, then it is better to delete the game by opening Settings followed by Storage and choosing Delete Game. You can always reinstall the game if you want to.

The Final Words

Here in this article, I have cleared all the questions related to the unidentified error that happens in PS5. I discussed why this error happens, and what to do to get rid of this error. I hope this article will help you in solving this annoying problem. All the best! Happy gaming!

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